Supported Devices and Browsers

            Check out if your device or browser is compatible with MAD-learn.

            Operating System

            • Windows 
              • Version 7
              • Version 8.1
              • Version 10 
            • Macintosh
              • Version 10.11 
              • Version 10.10
              • Version 10.12
              • Version 10.9
            • Chrome OS
              • Version x86_64
            • iOS
              • Version 10.2.1
              • Version 10.2
              • Version 10.1.1


            • Chrome (Windows, Macintosh, and Chromebook only)
            • Safari (Macintosh and IOS only)
            • Firefox (Windows only)

            Screen resolution:

            • 1920x1080 to 768x1024 

            Devices :

             All desktops, laptops, and iPADs meeting above-given conditions.

            If your Operating system or Resolution isn't listed, it may be newly released, or it may not be compatible with MAD-learn. If you need more information on whether your device support MAD-learn, contact the MAD-learn success team (mail to

            On using the MAD-learn application on any of the non-supported OS or resolution, it may lead to unexpected behavior and issues within the application. Some of the known issues are listed below:

            Known Issues:

            • Mind Map or App list won't show up when viewing on IE or Microsoft edge browser
            • UI may be broken when viewed on devices with non-supported resolution

            Updated: 09 Oct 2018 09:46 PM
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