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            Support Center

            The Support Center helps teachers and school administrators to get timely help with any issue or trouble they may face within MAD-learn platform. In order to help our users with the best support we have provided multiple options to get help.

            1. Submit a Ticket

            Here the User can submit a support ticket for the MAD-learn customer success team that explains their issue and other relevant information.

            Information needed when submitting a ticket:

            1. Issue: A brief description for the issue the user is having

            2. Description: Detailed information of the issue or trouble the user is having in the platform. We suggest the user share as much detail as possible in the window below, and include following information to help us diagnose the issue better:

              1. Operating system name and version

              2. Device name and version

              3. Browser name and version

              4. App name and/or creator’s name

              5. Screen shot of any error message

              6. Steps taken to reproduce the issue

              7. Number of users having similar issue

            2. MAD-community

            MAD-community is an online forum for MAD-teachers to learn more about their peers across the world, ask and answer questions that we have for each other, and (obviously) be blown away by both your students’ work, and that of phenomenal young minds all over the world.

            3. On-line Help

            On-line help is a collection of how-to and troubleshooting documents which help to troubleshoot or find the answer to the queries about the MAD-learn platform’s usability.

            You can search and find an article to learn the correct method of accomplishing a particular task or how a particular template/feature will work. This guided information helps users to self-learn and solve problems more immediately.

            Updated: 11 Oct 2018 07:24 PM
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