Mind Map Editor

            Mind Map Editor

            Mind Map editor is the working area for the user to create/edit Mind Map.

            By default, a node ‘Home’ will be made available to the user from which the other node will be linked and created.
            could create the new node by dragging the new node from ‘Home’.


            Mind Map Editor section

            will have the following actions and buttons on the top-bar of the Mind Map Editor section.

            Mind Map name

            will see the Mind Map name on the top-left of the Mind Editor section.

            Mind Map Name edit button

            Small edit icon next to the Mind Map name to edit the Mind Map name. When user 
             on this icon then the user will be presented with the Mind Map details pop-up wherein 
             could change the name of Mind Map or add/remove collaborator. Changes will be saved when the user click on save button on the Mind Map details page.


            This will add a node on the Mind Map automatically linked to the node selected. Ex: If the center node is selected then another node will be created linked to it.


            clicks on the ‘Delete’ button or press ‘Delete’ button on the keyboard then the selected node will be deleted.


             clicks on the Undo button then the previous change made will be undone. User could click on the undo button ‘n’ times until the last state of the mind map when the session started is reached.


            When user click on the Redo button then the previous undone step will be shown again. User could click ‘n’ times this button to revert all the undone steps in a sequence.

            Zoom Navigation

            User could zoom in and out Mind map based on the selection made in the Zoom level navigation section. The range will 25% to 300%. When user switch the zoom level then the Mind Map zoom level will change accordingly. By Default, the zoom level will be 100% when user come on this page or refresh this page.


            Mind Map Editor or collaborator could comment on this Mind Map which will be visible to all the users to whom this Mind Map is available to view/edit. On click of this button, a drop-down will be presented to add, edit and remove the comments. The functionality will work exactly the same way as on the Preview screen comment.


            Share on social media

            Mind Map could be shared on facebook, twitter or via email with other people. When user click on ‘Share’ button then the user will be presented with drop-down having 3 options:
            • Share on Facebook
            • Share on Twitter
            • Share via Email
            On selection of the corresponding option, the image of the Mind Map will be shared.

            Mind Map share functionality will function the same way as App share works. Teacher and School admin could share the Mind Map, however, for students - they need specific permissions for Teacher and School admin to share the Mind Map on social media.



            could print the Mind Map created/edited when clicked on this button.


            When user click on this button then user will be presented with 3 option in the drop-down
            • PNG
            • JPG

            On selection of any of these options, the Mind map will be downloaded in the following file format on the user machine.

            The user will be prompted with the location to save in the File explorer and on clicking save the Mind map file will be downloaded



            On click of this button, the changes made on the Mind Map will be saved.
            Present a success message with text - “Mind Map saved successfully”
            In case of the failure, present the error - “Mind Map could not be saved successfully. Please try again”

            If user has made changes in the Mind Map and haven’t saved the changes thereafter tries to navigate away through side menu, edit user profile, navigation page from view all in notification drop-down, header logo, or refresh the page then present the sweetalert ‘Leaving this page will discard all the changes made. Do you wish to continue?”

            Navigate back to Mind Map listing

            ‘Mind Map’ button on top-left in sub-header will open and close the side menu accordingly. Same functionality will be applied on the Hamburger icon in the main header. Options in the side menu will be based on the user profile as mentioned in the side menu section above.

            Manage Collaborator

            Settings icon will be made available next to “Create App” button(refer Design). On click of this the option ‘Manage Collaborator’ will be presented in drop-down.

            Manage Collaborator will open a pop-up same as on the MMP for user to add and remove the collaborator on this specific Mind Map.

            For teachers and school admin, they will have another option in the drop-down i.e. Permissions from where Mind Map and App (if created) could be shared. (Same as on the MMP, just have additional option to allow the sharing of the Mind Map)

            Create App:

            Create app will be available on the extreme right of the sub-header. On click of it the ‘App details’ pop-up will be presented to start the App creation process.

            Updated: 07 Nov 2017 07:00 PM
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