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            MAD-learn is a one of a kind product which engages students in design thinking via Mobile application development process. It's a combination of project-based learning, research skills development, problem, technical training, and lessons in entrepreneurship combine to directly address the learning standards related to both general and technical skills development.

            MAD-learn process


            Class or group brainstorming sessions for students to develop useful app ideas. Students focus on issues that they feel are important and needed. Issues can be as immediate as publicizing a school's athletic program or as broad as global water conservation

            Research and Mind Mapping

            In small teams, students map out their ideas and begin to research content for their mobiles apps. This Mind Map will guide both the functionality of the app and its content. Once a foundation has been established, students research and collect content.

            Design and build

            Guided by their Mind Maps, students create the screens for their apps using the exclusive MAD-learn online platform, which is user-friendly for efficiently and effectively developing a professional looking mobile app. Also, students explore graphic designs that complement their app and learn how to develop a tool that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing for the end user.

            Test and Launch

            Students verify functions and ensure success through learning the importance of testing and editing the app until its ultimate success by evaluating it's content, form, and function. Students could consider ways to monetize and present the final versions of their apps through a variety of formats like - Shark tank, class presentation, parent night etc.

            Let's get started with the MAD-learn.

            Updated: 07 Nov 2017 05:03 PM
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