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            Different Screen Templates



            This is the main screen or home screen of your App. You will have this screen by default but can change the text, button colors, etc.

            Create a Menu

            This is typically an inner screen that links back to the Home Screen. Use this template for subjects that have different sections/types of information within them.

            HTML with Navigation Button

            This template enables you to create an HTML screen, with a button on the bottom that can link to another screen in the app.

            General Content

            Single Header

            This template provides you with an additional sub-header (in addition to the Navigation Bar Title) on top of a Rich Text Box.

            Double Header

            This template provides you with the ability to have multiple sections of text with associated sub-headers on the same screen.


            This template is a basic information template with no extra headers. Just type or copy and paste rich text into the properties section of this template.

            Directory Listings

            A collection of inter-linked lists. This template can be used for various types of listings, such as a Speakers List, Member list, Parent Directory, Teacher Directory etc.


            Link to Web URL

            This template allows you to link to directly any Web URL.


            This template allows you to add / link to a PDF file (for example, a lunch menu)

            RSS Feed

            This is the RSS template that allows you to see RSS Feeds in the app.

            Visual Content

            Photo Gallery

            This template allows you to add photos to the app Photo Gallery. You may have multiple Photo Galleries in different sections of your app.

            Video Gallery

            Use this template to create a Video Gallery on your app. Host the videos on your server and enter a URL ending with .mp4 while configuring your videos.


            This is the Map view where users will see with your set location indicated on the map.

            Web Video

            This is the Web Video template that allows you to link to YouTube / Vimeo etc.



            Sync your app with a Google / Hotmail / Yahoo calendar using this template, or create an event listing for your app using a simple Excel sheet.


            Contact Us Form

            This template allows you to create a Request Information form, a Poll Question, or any other similar type of form.

            Tell a Friend

            This template allows you to send information via email.

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