Create New Mind Map

            Create New Mind Map

            Mind Map is an essential step in app development workflow. MAD-learn allows user to create Mind Map separately or within the app creation process.

            User clicks on the side-menu option ‘Mind Map’ to navigate to the Mind Map list.

            Create First Mind Map

            If a user did not create user any Mind Map, will be provided with a blank screen and an action button i.e. “Create your first Mind-map”.
            On click of this button, the user will be presented with Mind-map name pop-up to provide name and add collaborator


            Create New Mind

            Click on ‘Create New Mind Map’ on the sub-header to start with creating new Mind Map.


            User will be provided with the New Mind Map creation pop-up to enter the name and add collaborator on the Mind Map


            Name of Mind Map

            Enter the name of the Mind Map.
            • Mind Map name is a required field
            • Mind Map name need to be of 20 characters length
            • Mind Map name could not have special character except these  !&-./:= @%#+*,).”
            • Mind Map name need to be unique within the school

            Add Collaborators to build your team

            'Add Collaboration to build your team'  will have 2 options, which is accessible to the app creator to build a team and work on the app together with friends or classmates.
            • Add collaborators within school - Anyone with the MAD-learn account within your school can be added as a collaborator, allowing group members to work on the app simultaneously. Once a user is added as a collaborator to an app he/she is able to the see the app name in there App List, from where they can start working on it. See ‘Add Collaborator’ for more details.

            • Add collaborators from other schools - User could also add collaborate with the user from different if he/she is permitted to do so. To know the details on how to collaborate with other schools refer this link ‘Collaborate with other school'

            Note - If user creates an app from the Mind Map - the same collaborator will be added to the app also.

            Cancel and Close button: On click of this button the pop-up will be closed without saving the details.

            Next: Next will be disabled unless user hasn’t typed the Mind map name, once typed then the button will be active and user could click and move to Mind Map creation page.

            Updated: 10 Oct 2018 09:01 PM
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