Student create and edit

Student create and edit

Student is a sub-tab available under User Management for Teachers and School Administrators. On this page, a Teacher and School Administrator can view the student list and information in MAD-learn related to their school.

A teacher will see the list of students associated with him/her, whereas, school administrators will see the list of all the students within the school enrolled in MAD-learn.

The Student list will display the following information about the students:

  • Student as active/inactive

  • Student’s name

  • Student’s email

  • Date student account created on

  • Associated teacher count

  • Count of apps created by student

Note: All the fields can be sorted

Create Student

A school admin or teacher can create a new student:

  • Click on the “Create Student” button on the top-right corner

  • Fill-in the following information on the form:

  • First Name (Mandatory)

  • Last Name (Mandatory)

  • Email address  (Mandatory and should be in valid email address format)

  • Password (Mandatory)

  • Photo (optional) - Uploaded image will be utilized as the profile picture  for the user. Support file format are JPG and PNG.

  • Phone No. (optional) - to communicate the school admin in case of any issue

  • Associated Teacher - Student can be associated to multiple teachers. By default, a student will be associated to the teacher creating the account.

  • Enable set password prompt for first login - Enabling this option will allow the user to reset the password at the first login.

Click on the ‘Submit’ button to create the school admin or ‘Cancel’ to terminate the process and go back to the student list.

Edit Student Account

A school admin or teacher can edit student information:

  • To edit the Student details, search the student you want to edit

  • Click “Edit” button  and re-direct to the edit profile page:

  • Update the information and click ‘Submit’ to make the changes

Reset Password

School administrators and Teachers can reset a password for a student.  Click on the  icon in front of the student’s name to reset the password.

Student license management

Student licenses are paid and hence control of active licenses needs to be maintained by the school admin. The green mark in front of the student name indicate that the student account is active and red mark indicate the inactive student account.

Click  to activate the student count.

In the pop up, click the ‘Activate’ button to activate the inactive student account.

Once the user is activated, the account will be marked as a consumed license from the purchased license count.

Note: Once an account is activated it can not be deactivated by the school administrator or teacher. To deactivate the account, contact the MAD-learn team.

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