Steps to give permission to the students and associated collaborators

Steps to give permission to the students and associated collaborators

Students do not have permission to share the app created via MAD-learn on Social Media. By default, the students will have the share button de-activated which will restrict them from application to be shared on Social media like Facebook, Twitter or via email. 

Teacher and School administrators could provide the permission to allow app sharing by students and its collaborator, however, Teacher and School administrator should be cautious and be responsible while giving this permission.

Key things to check before giving the share permissions to students:

  • Student app should not have any explicit content No content that contains nudity, vulgar language, graphic violence, or content that promotes illegal activity or self-harm should not be part of the app
  • Student app should not have any reference or content which could impact School reputations and its public relations
  • Student app should not have any copyrighted or illegally acquired content in the app. Example - Copyrighted images, confidential text etc.
Teacher and School admin should review the app thoroughly to avoid any such conflicts and when assured then only should allow students to share the application. 

Steps to give permission to share the app:
  • Go to MAD-learn dashboard and click  'Choose a Mobile App on Edit"
  • In the App list, select the app for which you would like to give access to students and its collaborator the share permission
  • Click the App name in the App list
  • Navigate to 'Content' screen for the selected app
  • Click the 'Settings' icons on top-right of the screen (shown in image below)
  • Select the 'Permissions' option in the drop-down

  • This will open a pop-up to "Enable students to share this app on social media"

Enabling this option for the specific app will allow students and its collaborator to share this app  on Facebook, Twitter or via Email hence Teacher or school administrator should be very cautious while granting the permissions to students

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