Side Drawer

Side Drawer

The side drawer, also known as the navigation drawer or side menu, slides from the left and contains the navigation destinations for the apps. It is similar to the home screen which helps the user to navigate to the inner screens of the apps.


The side drawer spans the full-height of the devices and slides from the left. The side drawer image is the background image which is displayed in the background of the side drawer. Recommended resolution 800x1920 for the Side drawer. See more at Technical Specifications

The side drawer image doesn’t expand across the entire width of the devices.

Side drawer image width follows a general rule of :  ‘Device Width – 2 x App bar heights’

Side drawer or Navigation drawer image which displays when user slides the drawer from left.

Best Practices

o   Like the home screen image, the side drawer image should not impact the user ability to select or view the side drawer navigation button
o   Side Drawer image should be simple without complex design and geometries. Usually, Side drawer images consist of plain color or gradients as they do not disrupt the view of buttons and icons.
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