Edit Mind Map

Edit Mind Map

User is able to edit any part of the Mind Map that has been created by either themselves or an added collaborator.

  • Navigate to the Mind-map listing page
  • Hover over the Mind Map you wish to edit
  • Click on ‘Edit’ button on the Mind Map card. This will take you to the Mind Map Editor.


Mind Map Editor

The Mind Map Editor is the editable layout page for the Mind Map. By default, a node ‘Home’ rests in the center of the editor. The user can create new nodes byclicking and dragging new nodes from 'Home'. The Mind Map name should appear at the top left of the editor menu.


At the top-bar of the Mind Map Editor, the user should find the following actions and buttons:

Mind Map Name Edit

Small edit icon next to the Mind Map name to edit the Mind Map name. On-click, the user will be presented with the Mind Map details pop-up wherein the user is able to change the name of their Mind Map or add/remove collaborators. User must click on save button on the Mind Map details page before exiting the pop-up in order to save the changes.


When clicked, this button adds a new node linked to the currently selected node. 


When clicked, the ‘Delete’ button will delete the selected node.


When clicked, the previous change made will be reversed. The undo button can be clicked 'n' times until the mind map reaches the state it was in at the beginning of the session.


When user clicks on the Redo button, the previously undone step will be shown again. User can click this button ‘n’ times to revert all the undone steps in a sequence.

Zoom Navigation

User can zoom in and out of Mind Map based on the selection made in the Zoom level navigation section. The range is from 25% to 300%. When user switches the zoom level, the Mind Map zoom level will change accordingly. By default, the zoom level will be 100% when page is opened or refreshed.


On their Mind Map, the creator or collaborator can make visible comments to all users able to view/edit. On click of this button, a drop-down list will be presented to add, edit and remove the comments. The functionality will work exactly the same way as on the Preview screen comment option.


Share on social media

Mind Map could be shared on facebook, twitter or via email. When user clicks on the ‘Share’ button, the user will be presented with a drop-down list:
  • Share on Facebook
  • Share on Twitter
  • Share via Email
On selection of the corresponding option, the image of the Mind Map will be shared.

Mind Map Share capabilities function the same way as App sharing works; Teacher and School admin are able to share Mind ma[s, but students will need Teacher/School Admin permissions to share Mind Maps on social media.



Users can print Mind Maps by clicking this button


When user click on this button, they will be presented with a drop-down list with the following format options:
  • PNG
  • JPG

On selection of any of these options, the Mind Map will be downloaded in the following file format on the user machine.

The user will be prompted with the location to save in the File explorer. Click Save to commence the downloading process.



On click of this button, the changes made on the Mind Map will be saved and users will receive this message: “Mind Map saved successfully”
In case of the failure, users will receive the error - “Mind Map could not be saved successfully. Please try again”

If user has made changes in the Mind Map, but hasn’t saved the changes, all navigation changes (e.g., side menu, edit user profile, navigation page from view all in notification drop-down, header logo, or refresh the page) will first be prompted with the following message: ‘Leaving this page will discard all the changes made. Do you wish to continue?”

‘Mind Map’ button on top-left in sub-header will open and close the side menu accordingly. The same functionality will be applied on the Hamburger icon in the main header. Options in the side menu will be based on the user profile as mentioned in the side menu section above.

Manage Collaborator

Settings icon can be found next to “Create App” button (refer Design). On click of this the option, ‘Manage Collaborator’ will be presented in drop-down.

Manage Collaborator will open a pop-up same as on the MMP for user to add and remove the collaborator on this specific Mind Map.

Teachers and school admin will have an additional option in the drop-down: Permissions from where Mind Map and App (if created) could be shared. (Same as on the MMP, just have additional option to allow the sharing of the Mind Map)

Create App

'Create app' will be available on the extreme right of the sub-header. On click, the ‘App details’ pop-up will be presented to start the App creation process.

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