The logo is a key for branding and marketing of the app. The user should present the logo in clear way across the app.

The logo is on the App Home screen, however if the user wants they can integrate the Logo within the Splash screen image and Inner screen image as well, as long as it won’t impact the content readability and usability.


The logo is presented on the Home screen of the app and should cover 30% of the app screen area below the header bar. The recommended resolution of the logo is 1280x270. See more at Technical Specifications

The user can have either a logo with a transparent Background or a non-transparent background. When using a non-transparent image, it’s good to have a bleed area to bring contrast and impact on the logo.  

Logo image placed on the Home screen along with the home screen navigation buttons and home screen background image

Best Practices

o   The Logo image should be a nice and clear image

o The logo image should not include the Company’s tagline

o   The logo image should stand out and the visibility of the logo should not be impacted by the home screen background image

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