The mobile app home screen consists of the navigation buttons for different screens within the app. The arrangement of these navigation buttons can be selected from the ‘Layout’ screen. We provide 4 different home screen button layouts:

  1. Listings

  2. Encompassing Circles

  3. Rectangles

  4. Floating Icons

Listing Icons: This is a simple layout where the home screen icons are listed in single columns format
Encompassing Circles: Icons are arranged in circles with a customizable background color
Rectangle: Icons are organized as rectangles with a customizable background color
Floating icons: This is most recent home screen layout based on the new design trends wherein the icons are listed on the home screen without any background
The icon background color and text colors can be changed with the options available below. When the user adds the button on the home screen on the Mobile maker screen, they can choose from the same colors available. The user can change these properties of Home screen button(s) from the Mobile maker screen as well.

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