Inner Screen

Inner Screen

Inner Screens display the content of the app, where the user interacts after navigating from the Home screen. All mobile app screens beyond the home screen are the inner screens, even if they just lead to further navigation and organization.


Inner screen images are displayed as the background image across all inner screens. The size of the inner screen image depends on the Mobile device’s resolution. To have a proper inner screen the user needs to consider the aspect ratio of the devices they intend to view the image on.

For iOS devices, the recommended resolution for image upload is 1242x2208 and for Android devices, we have the recommended resolution for image upload to be 1280x1920. Home screen image has a smaller size as compared to Splash screen because of the App bar and Mobile Status bar height, however the aspect ratio of the image still remains manageable to give proper image view. See more at Technical Specifications

NOTE: There are no changes in the image size and resolution being uploaded for Splash Screen, Inner Screen and Home screen, as the size and covered area across the mobile is same for the three. You should have the same size images uploaded across all 3 images

Inner screen with background image with ‘Inner Menu’ template applied on it.

Best Practices

o   The inner screen image is displayed as the background for all the inner screen Be sure the image doesn’t disrupt the readability and usability of the apps and its content. Lighter colors are less intrusive.

o   Inner screen should not have the logo on it, but if it needs to be added as part of the inner screen, then the logo should be placed like a watermark, to avoid user disruption.

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