Edit App Design

Edit App Design

When a user visits the Edit Design screen, by default, they will be presented with the Themes page which will list the themes available from the system and show “My Theme” .

‘My Theme’ is a collection of images based on which the app is being created; it can be custom uploaded images or theme images. The user can modify the themes by either selecting the themes provided by the system or modifying the images in ‘My Theme’.

Once the user selects a theme and clicks on ‘Next’, they will be navigated to the Design>Images page which will allow replacing the images for different app screens. To know more about the app screen, see Design section.

From Design> Images page user will be taken to Design> Layout on clicking the ‘Next’ button where the user can change the home button layout or color for the Header and Buttons. To know more about the Home button layout and setting, refer Layout section.

The changes made on any of the 3 screens in Design i.e. Themes, Images, and Layout will only be saved when a user clicks on “Save and Next” button in Design >Layout screen. If the user closes the browser or quit the process then the recent changes made will be lost if the user hasn’t clicked on “Save and Next” button.
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