This the Main functional screen where app screens and content are added to the Mobile app.

App Name: App name in the navigation bar is an editable field for the user and will allow them to quickly change the app name without navigating back to Edit Details section.

Edit Mind Map: Edit Mind Map will navigate the user to the Mind Map page where the user can edit the refer the mind map and make the app as per the planned structure.

Edit Design: Edit Design will navigate to the Design > Themes section by default. This will allow the user to select a different theme, modify the uploaded images, or change the home button layout and colors. For more information see the Edit Design section.

Settings: Clicking on this icon will present the options to Manage Collaborators, where Collaborators can be added or removed.

Help: This will open the help page where the user can look for help with MAD-learn content.

Preview: The Preview icon has moved to the bottom of the screen for easy access. This will show the app preview in the full-screen mode where the user can check the complete functionality of the app.

App preview code: This is the 9-digit numerical code which allows the end user to access an app on the MAD-store website and mobile app. The App preview code can be shared with anyone so they can view a fully functioning version of app

Publish: This will update the changes made to the apps and will allow the changes to be visible on web preview and MAD-store website/mobile app.

Share: This button will allow the user to share a web URL or Preview code with other people via email. on the MAD-Store website or mobile app.

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