App icon

App icon

The app icon, also known as the launcher icon, is a graphic image that represents the applications on the device. The app icon is used to launch the applications and appear on the device home screen where all the apps are listed. It’s the first look that prospective users will get of your app on the Google play store and iTunes store.

Note: The device home screen is different than the app home screen. The device home screen presents the list of all the apps installed on the devices and shows the app icons and app name, however, app home screen is the first screen displayed after the app is launched. The app home screen presents the buttons to navigate to the inner screens in the app.


App icon recommended resolution is 1024 x 1024, which will work on all the Android and iPhone devices.

Note: quality matters here. A well-designed icon can be a strong signal that your app is of similarly high quality.

App icon presented on the Home screen, which shows the app icon image along with app name with other apps installed on the devices.

Best Practices

o   Communicate well, even at small size

o   Work well with a wide variety of backgrounds

o   Icons should not present a cropped view of a larger image

o   Have similar weights to other icons to attract user's attention

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